The Ghost of Future Perfect Continuous

2016 C.E. has been an interesting year for us… We made some new friends, grew more mature and started making better sense on what’s happening to us and around us. Being an independent act means that we do everything on our own unique rhythm. For instance, planning an album is much more difficult when you are not just sponsored to make music and you have to make your relationship with the rest of the members work and make time for each other, and the band itself. It’s a very elaborate project and it dies the day it’s released… and then you have to start over again.

We started off in a little city in Greece somewhat 8 years ago, with no scene to support us, as we were too soft for the metalheads, too aggressive for the rockers, too polished for the punks… the audience for guitar driven rock with english lyrics is at most 150 people in that town that along with the crisis it couldn’t really fit us in. So we transferred our base to the motherland of post punk somewhat 3 – 4 years ago, hence the gaps between releases! Digressing as always…

The point is, all of our years were slow, but we can say loads bout the last one… We’ve done a few nice gigs here and there, got involved to a few amazing charities, released some sneak peek of a Video EP we are about to release, accumulated the material for our third full length (the recordings of which are going to be really challenging with both Damos and the Saint fulfilling their national service), and the most important of all- We’ve made a rough 5 year plan… Something we always sucked at!

A few releases are in line for the coming year, and please don’t forget about the bracelets for the world vision charity! Getting fulfilment from bettering someone’s life is the most beautiful expression of capitalistic guilt to me.

A big, warm welcoming hug to Konstantinos, Marco and Dimitris!
A big thanks to all of our friends and families for the support all the way, and last but not least, you for reading this!

Happy New Year!