Aural Effect

Phase‘s 5th single from the forthcoming 3rd album is here and we are really happy with how it sounds! Originally meant to be released on March 1st, after a long history of postponement, it made sense that we’d keep it for our Record Store Day show at the hmv. Everybody in the world knows what happened with that. But no epidemics of plagues of Egypt are going to stop us this time… So we’ll leave you with Floral Effect, and we’ll go back to producing our new album as we are more productive than ever! Please tell us what you think of it.


Phase is celebrating the 10th anniversary of In Consequence‘s recording with the release of 2 CD versions and a party/in store performance @ HMV Newcastle. Although the CD’s won’t be sold prior to that, they will be availiable for pre-order for people outside the UK through . We are fairly certain Nipper is wagging his tail somewhere in dog heaven right now!

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Last few details are being put together for the glorious In Consequence 10 years anniversary release, and we are throwing a massive party @hmvnewcastle to celebrate it on September 18th be there! #phaseband #pasr #digipack #albumartwork #albumart #hmv

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The Smile out of the newly released single that features a mix by Devon Graves [a.k.a. Buddy Lackey (Psychotic Waltz / Deadsoul Tribe) ] is on the celebratory collector’s PROG Magazine‘s CD sampler this month!

Phase is kicking off their mini European tour that starts in October in Poland with more dates to be announced soon!

Entering a new Phase

First band practice with Alex and Jak worked like a charm! However we are going to postpone the Leeds gig, as it’s too soon for us, but we are planning some warm-up gigs for a small tour that will kick of in Poland. We are buzzing!

Schindler’s Part

It’s sad to see Adam going after a great ride of 5 years, but his other commitments are currently keeping him away from the drum stool, which is a shame because people in Krakow, where we are going in October, always love a Schindler! That being said, if you are a Capricorn, love to play the drums and are partial to shit jokes you can always send us an e-mail and give it a try!

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