Western Star

January marked five years since Phase’s concert in the capital of Syria. To mark the anniversary of the emotionally-charged gig Phase are launching a T-Shirt fundraiser to benefit the Syrian families being affected by the ongoing crisis. The Western Star TEE designed by Mohamed Osman will be available from moteefe for two weeks, starting on the 15th of February.

Western Star

Phase and Fez

The on and off touring member and good friend to us for more than a year now, multi-instrumentalist, Fardin ‘Fez’ Esfandiari (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Synths, Sax) will be more of a constant now on, and will make his prescence more  appehensile in this small warm-up UK tour named ‘Tour Unseen‘, after the single we are planning to release soon, forerunning Phase‘s third monumental rock album. More over the plan wants Fez sticking around even after the genius of Damos finishes his other obligations and is able to tour with us and the full on Phase experience will become availiable for your audible and viewing pleasure sometime next year! Stay in tune, for wonderful things are about to unfold before you!


Phase at Jesmond Dene

Exit Through the Sh!*ehole!

Loads of news from the Phase camp passengers! One thing at a time though… We are in the pleasant position to announce our participation to the first e-novel with music. It’s about a dark obscure dystopian, novel that was meant to be a screen play for a movie. Not bad being picked by award winning people that have worked for Led Zeppelin and Peter Gabriel​. All complimented by the famous for his Marvel​ and DC Comics works Bill Sienkiewicz    

A Mad Tea Party

Welcome aboard Adam baby! It’s an honour having you with us!!

Phase 2015

Phase Waiting for the BBC

We’ve just made a point through, of you…

We’ve been honoured to have “Point of You” picked by Tom Robinson, out of our “the Wait” album to feature in his mixtape!
Now that’s something!







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