A Mad Tea Party

Welcome aboard Adam baby! It’s an honour having you with us!!

Phase 2015

Phase Waiting for the BBC

We’ve just made a point through, of you…

We’ve been honoured to have “Point of You” picked by Tom Robinson, out of our “the Wait” album to feature in his mixtape!
Now that’s something!







A Void there to Avoid

The work of months with the artistic genius of Afsoon Shahriari was fruitful and the offspring of that enterprise is the short animation film “A Dream of Conscience” unfolding brilliantly the drama of people’s loneliness in our modern day society… Enough said, just let the footage speak for itself!

A Midsummer Night’s Stream

The long, prolonged wait is over with the first single of the forthcoming Phase‘s statement, turning into Amethyst… Don’t miss the chance to experience reading the lyrics along with listening to it!

Web Sight Launched

Step inside to the place where the absolute Phase experience can be sensed. From related news, to the plans of our mysterious destinations, to lyrics, to absolutely everything concerning the ship.
One up for Konstantinos Zacharakis! Attaboy!

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